#25 – Revved Up

Style: Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Brewed: August 26, 2012
Bottled: September 10, 2012
OG: 1.094  FG: 1.010
IBUs: 27  ABV: 11%

15 lbs Belgian Pilsner Malt
0.25 lb Biscuit Malt
0.25 lb Cara-Pils

2 lbs Sucrose

Spices (at 15 minutes)
1 oz Coriander Seeds
4 g Ginger Root
4 g Seeds of Paradise

60 min: 2 oz Saaz (3.5% AA)
30 min: 1 oz German Saphir (4.6% AA)
1 min: 1 oz Saaz (3.5% AA)

Belgian Abbey II (Wyeast #1762)

Attempt at a quick grain-to-glass beer…very REVved up!

I used a similar spice profile that was used with the Pink Elephant, but there should certainly be more body on this beer. (Pink Elephant was the first all grain attempt…and while it wasn’t bad, I really didn’t have an understanding of just HOW important a mash temperature was.)

Banana esters were more than abundant during the fermentation, you would have thought I was fermenting a smoothie. We’ll see if those come through in the finished product.

(Not much better to do on a rain day.)

3 thoughts on “#25 – Revved Up

  1. A lot a beers tap out at 10% ABV, but one needs that extra push over the top — we pull this one out to rev things up to 11. This one goes to 11! Eleven Yeeaaah!!

    I’m rev and I approve this beer.

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