#60 – Inebriator (Light)

Style: Doppelbock (actually, more like a Dunkel)
Batch size: 15 gallons (actually, we brewed 20)
Brewed: November 9, 2013
Bottled: January 17, 2014
OG: 1.057  IBUs: 26 (actually, this is going to be less)
FG: 1.020  ABV: 4.9%

16 lbs German Pilsner
10 lbs Dark Munich Malt
5 lbs Munich Malt
5 lbs Belgian Aromatic (Dingemans)
2 lbs Cara 45 (Dingemans)
2 lbs Caramunich III (Weyermann)
1 lb Chocolate (Briess)

60 min: 6 oz Tettnang (4.5% AA)

3 Munich Lager (Wyeast #2308)

We totally had a bit of a brain cramp when shopping for the grain on the recipe. There was a last minute adjustment from 15 gallons to 20 gallons, but we didn’t adjust the recipe for that. So, while this does taste great, it’s certainly not the proper strength of a Dopplebock…it’s more like a Dunkel.

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