Brew #12 – Imperialist Pale Ale

This beer was designed as an experiment to test out the new mill before a large double-batch brew weekend. So I only did a 2.5 lb batch, with a recipe that would have been a hoppy IPA at our old efficiency. However, the experiment went so well, that it actually is more like an Imperial IPA, that’s light on the IBUs. Named for tax day, which I thought was the 16th (since the 15th was a Sunday), but as it turns out, the IRS gave two extra days to get taxes in. Not sure why, but I’m sticking with the name/concept. And in good form with the name, it’s both bitter (from the hops) and sweet (from the caramel malt)…the 1.5 lbs. of caramel malt was sort of a mistake, and depending on how it ages, we might only use 1 lb. next time.

Type: All Grain
Style: Imperial IPA
Brewed: April 16, 2012
Bottled: May 14, 2012
OG: 1.083  FG: 1.016
IBUs: 56  ABV: 8.9%

5 lbs 2-Row Pale Malt
1.5 lbs Caramel Malt 20L
1 lbs Aromatic Malt

Hops (Whole Leaf)
60 min: 0.25 oz Centennial
50 min: 0.25 oz Citra
20 min: 0.25 oz Centennial
10 min: 0.25 oz Citra
Steep: 0.25 oz Centennial & 0.25 oz Citra
28 day Dry Hop: 0.25 oz Centennial & 0.25 oz Citra

200 ml starter of San Diego Super Yeast (White Labs #WLP090)

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