Brew #3 – Whisky Barrel Stout

Type: Kit (Brewer's Best)
Brew Date: 1/7/2012
Secondary Date: 1/13/2012
Bottle Date: 2/10/2012
OG: 1.064  FG: 1.020
IBUs: 40  ABV: 5.78% *

3.3 lb. Special Dark LME
3.3 lb. Light LME
1 lb. Amber DME

6 oz. Roasted Barley
8 oz. Dark Chocolate
8 oz. Caramel 90L

Bittering: 0.5 oz. Millennium
Flavoring: 0.5 oz. Mt. Rainier

Safale S-04

* The oak chips were soaked in 1 cup of Basil Haden bourbon for about a week prior to adding them to the secondary. The chips and bourbon were added together. So I’m not sure if the gravity calculation is an accurate measure of the ABV, since this beer has been fortified. (Something for me to research.)

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